Most Profitable Betgames in Africa within One Click with YesPlay!


A new form of online casino entertainment, BetGames is quickly becoming one of South Africa’s favorite gambling games. These are created by BetGames.TV and offered by bookmakers under the BetGames label. All the most popular South African bookies, including YesPlay, have a rich choice of BetGames betting options, and you will need to know how they work to stand a good chance to take home an impressive cash reward.

What is BetGames?

BetGames is an exciting way to gamble online that combines conventional fixed odds betting with elements of lotteries and casino games. Playing betgames in Africa has become a popular pastime because of how easy it is to play these on your smartphone, even while you are on the move. BetGames draws are held every 3-5 minutes and continue nonstop throughout the day. So, unlike South Africa’s domestic lotto games, you do not have to wait long for another chance to win. The draws are also live-streamed, bringing more fun to the process!

At YesPlay, you can play Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, War of Bets, Baccarat, Lucky Wheel, Dice Duel, and more. The sign-up process is uncomplicated, and you can start winning your first cash within just minutes. If looking for a more traditional way to test your luck, there are hundreds of profitable lotteries, sports events, and classic casino games to try at YesPlay.

What makes BetGames so popular?

Although many South Africans are still unfamiliar with the game, those who have begun to play BetGames at YesPlay frequently return for more. The game is thrilling, addictive, and profitable. In many ways, it is like winning an instant lottery. The only difference is that, here, you can bet even less if on a tight budget.

Here are the main benefits of playing BetGames at YesPlay:

  • BetGames is a collection of fast-paced games with frequent draws taking place 24/7.
  • All BetGames draws occur in real time, meaning the game is both fair and enjoyable to watch.
  • BetGames allows betting smaller amounts and winning big.

Tips for playing BetGames

If you wish to enhance your chances of winning big at YesPlay when betting on BetGames, there are a few tips to remember:

  1. Pick the right BetGames option that suits your needs. Whether it is the easiest game or the one that pays best, it should be something you understand well and sincerely enjoy.
  2. Start small and increase your wager as you gain more experience.
  3. Learn the game rules thoroughly before placing your first bet and stick to your chosen betting style.


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