KAABOO Del Mar: Where Music, Fashion, and Your Wallet Collide!


“Get ready to vibe, thrive, and possibly take out a small loan. But hey, it’s all for the experience, right?” Remember when festivals were all about mud, tents, and questionable portable toilets? Well, KAABOO Del Mar looked at that concept, scoffed, and threw in some gourmet cuisine, art installations, and comedy for good measure. And just like that, music festivals had a glow-up!

A Brief Trip Down the KAABOO Lane

Way back in 2015 (feels like decades, doesn’t it?), the founders of KAABOO Del Mar thought, “Let’s create a festival for folks who’ve outgrown their wild festival phase but are still in denial about it.” And thus, Del Mar Fairgrounds was never the same.

1-. Dressing for KAABOO

The Ultimate Guide for Women Who Want to Look Chic while “Roughing It” with a rave outfits women so you can shine like a diamond.

Boho with a Twist: Think flowing dresses, but with a rock-n-roll edge. Add a leather jacket or studded combat boots. It’s Coachella’s older, wiser sister look.

Jeans & Tees Galore: The classic combo. But not just any tee—a band tee! Preferably of a band you actually listen to.

Shady Business: Aviator? Cat-eye? The bigger, the better, especially if you want to covertly people-watch.

Accessorize like You Mean It: Chunky jewelry, layered choker necklaces, and yes, even the fanny pack. It’s not just functional—it’s fashion!

Luminescent You: Glow in the dark tattoos, LED shoes, and accessories. Let’s make the fireflies jealous.

Comfort Outfit: While that sequined jumpsuit might look fabulous for the first two hours, you might regret it by hour three. Opt for breathable fabrics.

What’s in the Bag? (And No, We’re Not Talking About Secrets!)

Hydration Station: AKA a refillable water bottle. Fancy or not, it’s a lifesaver.

Sunscreen: A sunburn is NOT the festival accessory you want.

Portable Charger: Because you need juice for all those selfies and Boomerangs.

Cash and Card: For everything from emergency snacks to impulse merchandise buys.

Let’s Talk Money, Honey

Brace yourselves. Ticket prices range from “Hmm, okay,” to “Do I really need both kidneys?” But here’s the thing—what you’re buying isn’t just a ticket; it’s an experience, it’s memories, it’s…okay, yeah, it’s a ticket. But it’s a ticket to a lot of cool stuff!

Plus, if you’re feeling particularly flush, there are VIP options, because who doesn’t want to feel Very Important at least once in their life?

Del Mar’s Not Just About the Beats

Yes, there’s music, and yes, it’s fabulous. But KAABOO also prides itself on its art installations and comedy acts. Ever tried laughing with a mouthful of gourmet taco? Now’s your chance!

Prepping for the Day(s)

Shoes: This isn’t the Met Gala. Comfort > style. (But if you can rock both, kudos to you!)

Stay Hydrated & Fed: Because fainting is so 2010.

Map It Out: With so much going on, having a game plan will keep FOMO at bay.

Wrapping It Up: To KAABOO or Not to KAABOO?

Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? If you’re looking for a festival that’s a blend of mature and manic, chic and chill, then KAABOO Del Mar is your jam.

So, polish those boots, practice your air guitar, and prepare your taste buds. Del Mar’s waiting, and trust us—it’s more fun than trying to pronounce “KAABOO” after a few drinks. See you there!