777 JACKPOT: Meaning and Origins of 777

The 777 symbol has long been correlated with lucrative jackpots that are often found in slot machines. 

Any person that sees these symbols will often imagine the classic slot machines in Las Vegas with their spinning reels, flashing lights, and the clanking sound of coins dropping on the coin hopper.

However, do you ever wonder what these symbols even mean? In this article we will give you an insight about the origins and meanings of the 777 jackpot symbols.

The meaning of 777 jackpot 

Every number has an important meaning in every culture around the world. Sometimes even a single number has a positive meaning in one culture and a negative one in another. Nevertheless, every known symbol has its own significant purpose.

Based on religious and cultural beliefs, the 777 slot symbols have a positive meaning according to different cultures. 

In Christianity, the number seven has an important meaning in the Bible. Several symbols from the Scripture have seven on it such as the seven candles of Jewish Menorah, seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, seven sins, seven virtues, seven seals, seven chalices, etc. They said that the number seven is the number of God and it has special spiritual powers.

In the natural and man-made world, the number seven is also a recurring theme. In nature, there are seven oceans around the world and we also have the Seven Wonders of the World. In the human body, we have seven holes in our head, the male body consists of seven parts.

Aside from the number seven, the number three also has spiritual and cultural significance. According to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, he said that the number three is the most perfect number and it is known for its stability. 

In world mythologies, several groups of mighty deities are also composed of three such as the three sons of Cronus, the Hindu Trimurti and The Holy Trinity.

In casino gambling, the classic slot machines have three rows in a single payline on its reels. In most slots that have 1×3 reels structure, the three sevens symbolizes the match of valuable symbols. If the 777 symbol appears as a combination, not only that it indicates a win but it is also a sign of a huge jackpot prize.

Slot games that uses 777

In online slots, despite the prevalence of games that change their symbols to fit the overall theme of the game, some slots still use the classic 777 to signify winnings and here are some of them.

Twin Spin

Twin Spin is an online slot that has an RTP rating of 96.55% and a variance of medium-high. Its twin reels feature highlights two to five reels allowing players to land four or five matches. 

777 Royal Wheel

This คาสิโนออนไลน์ slot game from Pulse 8 Studio has an RTP percentage of 94.4% and volatility of high level. One of the interesting features of the game is that you will get paid once you land a 7, 77 or 777 on the reels. 

Gold Train

This action-packed slot game from Pragmatic Play has a locomotive theme and an RTP rating of 97.16%. When you and 777 symbols, the amount of your stake will be multiplied 10x.

Step Back 7’s

Step Back 7’s is a slot game that pays tribute to the vintage slot machines in Las Vegas. It has an RTP percentage of 95.2% and your stake will be multiplied by 500x once you land a 777.


Over the course of time, the world of casino gambling has changed but several elements such as the jackpot symbols remain the same. For punters, the 777 symbol represents luck and it is true that it has provided good fortune to the players who have seen this symbol in their slot winnings.